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SpyMax v2.0 By Mr.Hacker588


  • Java

  • NET Framework 4.5

Compatible Android systems:

  • 9.0 – Pie

  • 8.0 – Oreo

  • 7.0 – Noga

  • 6.0 – Marshmallow


  • Size 18.5 KB / Clean

  • Multi-port

  • Encode with an insertion point

  • Run more than one patch on one phone

  • Secure data sent and received over the network

  • Ability to control program settings

  • Files Manager

  • Sms Manager

  • Calls Manager

  • Contacts Manager

  • Location Manager

  • Account Manager

  • Camera Manager 

  • Shell Terminal

  • Information

  • Applications

  • Microphone

  • Call phones

  • Keylogger

  • Clipboard

 How to build the APK?

  • Open SpyMAX.

  • Click on the SpyMAX icon in the left top corner to open a drop down menu.

  • Click on build.

Screenshot SpyMax V2.0

SpyMax v2.0 Basic
Port Forwarding
Port Open
1 Month Support
SpyMax v2.0 Pro
Port Forwarding
Technical Support
file Fud
Port Open
Spreading Technique
1 month Support
1 week money back guarantee

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