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DenDroid RAT Source Code

DenDroid RAT (Remote Administrator tool)

Did you aware about ‘Dendroid’ a powerful virus, threatening smart phones now a days.
Indian Cyber securities have warned the smart phone users to be alert of the tricky virus called “Dendroid” which could compromise your whole phone system. This is said to be a deadly virus of Trojan family which could change the command and the control server of the user’s personal android phone and intercept private SMS coming in and going out.
Moreover, this virus has the capability to steal all the information or data stored in your device like phone or tablet that is running on Android OS.

DenDroid RAT

What is Dendroid ?

It is a HTTP RAT(Remote admin tool), providing a sophisticated PHP administration panel and an application APK binder package to operate. It can completely take the command over your device and can compromise device security up to a greater extent.
According to the Computer Emergency Response Team India(CERT-IN), the malware is created by modifying the required permissions by any clean APK(Android Application Package) with Dendroid RAT functionality that allows the detailed management of the infected devices.

How Dendroid can hack your Android device ?

CERT-In also added that this harmful virus can perform the following operations like :

  • Changing the command and control server.
  • Delete call logs.
  • Open web pages.
  • Record calls, dial any numbers.
  • SMS interception.
  • Upload videos and images to remote locations and open an application.
DenDroid RAT
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